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Technology Help

PowerSchool Help Desk for Students and Parents/Guardians


Are you having PowerSchool issues?

Email the PowerSchool Help Desk - 

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Computer Password Assistance

  • Call or email our Guidance Secretaries Mrs. Lake, 860-446-4203 or Ms. Mink, - 860-446-4204.

  • If you’ve recently changed either your Chromebook or Google Classroom password, please try your new password in the account you’re unable to access before calling the office. 

NOTE: If you’ve forgotten your password and make three attempts (guesses), you will be locked out of your account. You will need to wait a while and try again. 



Technology Issues

  • If you have camera, sound, or any quality issue with your school issued Chromebook, try logging out of all applications and then turn off your computer. Give it a minute or two and turn it back on. 

  • Plug in your computer! Many students are having trouble because they are letting the battery completely run out.

GMS Chromebook Pledge 

As a student at Groton Public Schools, you have the privilege of having a Chromebook to use for your schoolwork! Along with this privilege come some expectations and responsibilities. Read the following promise together with a  parent or caregiver, and  have ahappy and healthy relationship with your Chromebook.  

  1. I will treat the Chromebook with care and respect. 

  1. I will use the Chromebook following all District policies and regulations. 

  1. I understand that my Chromebook is for school use only. 

  1. I'll never leave the Chromebook unattended and know where it is at all times. 

  1. I will only use the Chromebook assigned to me and will not allow others to use it. 

  1. I'll take my Chromebook to school every day, charged and ready to use. 

  1. I won't disassemble my Chromebook or attempt to repair it. 

  1. I'll protect my Chromebook by keeping food and water away from it. 

  1. I will never leave my Chromebook on the floor or anywhere it could be damaged. 

  1. I'll keep my Chromebook free of stickers, writing, engravings, or other defacements. I can mark it as mine using a single name tag or a removable "skin." 

  1. I understand that my Chromebook and its data may be inspected or tracked at any time by school officials and/or technology personnel. 

  1. I will immediately tell my teacher if my Chromebook or charger is missing, damaged, or not working properly. 

  1. I understand that if my family has NOT purchased insurance, I will be responsible for all damages or losses caused by negligence or abuse and may be charged for repairs or replacement costs. 

  1. I agree to provide the Chromebook and power cord in the required logs in good working condition, and return them in good condition when needed. 

Chromebook Frequently Asked Questions

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